Who is dietician?


When it comes to nutrition, you will find that there are various professionals, one of which is the dietician. But exactly what do they do? In this article, we are going to look at this profession and why it is this important.

A dietician is not very different from a nutrionist since they all handle issues to do with food and nutrition. However, you will find the professional will mainly concentrate on the diet and the role it plays for overall wellbeing. In this respect, the professional will do any of the following:

Diet plan

The professional will guide you on the diet plans that will help you improve on your health. If the choice of diet is a headache to you, talk to this professional and based on your requirements, they will guide you to come up with diet plan such as a 1 week diet plan, 28-day diet plan and so on.

Type of food recipes

Besides diet plans, you will be advised on the recipes that will best work with you in terms of food combination. Although the nutritionist wills advice on good nutrition, the dietician will help you to come up with proper diets which will ultimately lead to good health.

Lifestyle changes

Based on the recommendations of a dietician, you will be able to adapt to changes in terms of what you eat so that you can for instance:

  • Lose weight in a systematic way
  • Gain weight
  • Retain your current weight
  • Achieve optimum health
  • Eat healthy food

The list above is by no means exhaustive. It is a reflection of the various areas that the dietician will address so that you can enjoy good health.

A nutritionist and a dietician will interact in one way or another   since their jobs are related.

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