Who is a nutritionist?


A nutritionist is personnel who studies nutrition. This is a professional who takes interests in all matters of nutrition in regard to how one can make use of the right foods to be healthy. A nutritionist will advise you on any of the following:


The work of a nutritionist is to advise you on the right kind of diet that you should eat and why. Since the person has knowledge on the various foods and what they contain, they will advise you on the right food combination so that you can benefit immensely from such food.

Calorie intake

The other aspect of their work is to recommend you the amount of calories that one should take in order to be healthy. Admittedly, many people have no knowledge on the amount of calories that their bodies needs, this could perhaps explain why some people are deficient in terms of nutrition despite having the means and access to good nutrition. It goes without saying that you will need the right calories to remain health.


The nutritionist will not just confine themselves to diet but other aspects of nutrition that makes one healthy. For instance, you will need to establish the relation between nutrition and exercise. It is the work of nutritionists to create the co-relation between a healthy diet and nutrition.

The nutritionist will be able to explain to you how the various nutrients work in the body and how they should be taken. This is in terms of the recipes one uses, the type and natures of the food and how they impact on the various parts of the body.

Undeniably, this is an important professional in our lives. Before seeking medical advice o account of nutrition, this is one person you should see for consultation.

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