White mushroom nutrition facts


Eating white mushroom, you will discover that it is rich in terms of nutrients. To understand this better, let us look at the white mushroom nutrition facts.


A medium size mushroom of about 18g will give you just 4 calories. This goes far to show that mushrooms are indeed low in calories. This is an advantage in that eating them helps to lower weight for those who are struggling to lose weight through dieting, exercise   and so on.

No fat in mushrooms

You will be please to learn that mushrooms have 0 fats, no less the white mushroom. Starting with the saturated fat to the polyunsaturated and   the monounsaturated fats, the value of 0. This basically means that you cannot suffer from cholesterol due to eating of white mushroom. This indeed is a positive effect of eating the mushrooms.

Sodium and potassium

The mushroom has only 1mg of sodium and 57 mg of potassium.these represent 0% of the total value and 1% respectively for the sodium and potassium.

Low carbs

The white mushroom is low in terms of carbs. You will find that it contains 0.6g out of which dietary fibre is 0.2g and the sugar 0.4g.

What is important and worth noting from the above is that these nutritional facts are bound to change depending on the serving size. However, they are a good measure of what you will get from eating them.

Other nutrients

There is so much more that you will get from eating the white mushroom. There is protein as well as presence of vitamins. Examples of vitamins include VitaminA, D B-12 among others. All these are a testimony to the fact that mushrooms are nutritionally richer than earlier though. There is of course much more in them, these being the main ones.

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