What you will find in nutrition facts label


The food you eat on average has so much information in terms of nutrition. You will find that the nutrition facts label is one such kind of information.ideally; you will need to learn interpret what is written on the nutrition facts label. For those who are learning to read the label, the following information will be quite useful.

Nutrients in the food

Generally speaking the nutrition facts label tells you what is in the food. If the food is a wheat product, then you will know that the main ingredient is wheat and that after being processed and mixed with other flours, a flour mixture weans obtained and from it ,the end product was food x.

The nutrients in the food x will also be analyzed such that you will have the individual contents in a form of a table. There are nutrients like the calorific value, proteins, carbs, fibre, minerals and vitamins. All these will be quantified for you. As you will find out from the nutrition facts label, various units of measurement will be used such as grams, calories, k/cal, kg, and oz and so on. If you come across such terms, you should know what they mean for each of the nutrients.

Value of the nutrients

Each of the nutrients given has a value. This value is what you get from the food based on the average diet. In many cases, the nutrients in any food are given based on a 2000 calorie diet. If the food in total gives you 200 calories, then you will gauge against the total value that you are expected to get from the daily value.

It is recommended that each food you eat should provide you no more than the recommended daily value. Using a nutrition calculator will help you to work out what you need.


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