What you need to know about sports nutrition


The whole idea of sports nutrition is encompassed on what you need to eat if you are a sports person. Athletes and body builders will in particular find this article quite useful because it relates well with their needs. A sports person needs to eat well in order to be active. There are some food type that you must have for you to deliver in terms of active performance and efficiency.

Food for sportsmen and women

If you are an athlete, you will find it necessary to eat food that gives you a lot of energy. Carbs in particular are very important because they need the carbs to break it down for release of energy. This should not be construed to mean that one should take simple carbohydrates. This is because simple carbs release energy fast and before you know it, it is used up and you get fatigued soon. On the other hand, the complex carbs are more important because they release energy slowly in the body, so you have sustained energy release and will therefore not tire easily.


The   proteins are the building blocks for muscles. This means that you will need to be well provided in terms of protein foods as per the sports nutrition. For example, a sports Person will need to eat eggs, milk, bean and such. There are also supplements such as creatinine. These supplements are helpful in repairing the torn tissues, muscle respiration and growth of the muscles as well. One should also be keen on the foods that help one to work-out for long without getting exhausted. You will find that the protein supplements are well known in sports nutrition.

Other nutrients

The above are not enough for sports nutrition. You will find that vitamins and minerals are equally important.

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