What is the nutritional value of water?


The nutritional value of water is what you get when in terms of nutrients. In other words, the constituent elements in terms of nutrient that you get from a particular food. Some foods have nutritional value while others do not have. Water is one such example of foods. Water is one such food (though it is considered a drink). It has not nutrients such as calories, proteins and carbs. Does it mean that water completely has no nutritional value?

Dissolved minerals

Plain water has no known nutrients. However, some types of water like water like tap water have dissolved mineral substances like calcium and fluoride. These minerals have important roles in the body such as making the bones stronger as well as hardening teeth.

Importance of water

The fact that water lacks any of the commonly found nutritional value in other foods does not mean that water is not essential. In fact is one of the most important liquid substances that one should have alongside beverages. To begin with, it is a solvent in which most substances dissolve in before they are removed from the body.

How much water?

It is recommended that you should take at least 8 glasses of water daily. It is a medium through which wastes are transported out of the body. Being such an important medium, even if lacking in nutritional value remains essential. Mind you our bodies are over 60% water.

This will help us stop looking at water in terms of the nutrients it contains and start seeing it in terms of the roles it play in the body.

You will not see any food on whose label or nutritional information where water is indicated as one of the nutrients. Yet some fruits like the watermelon are over 90% water.

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