What is the difference between food and nutrition?


Often times, there tends to be confusion between food and nutrition. People use both terms interchangeably yet they are very different. Food for one refers to any of the various kinds of edibles that we eat for nourishment. The term is general in nature such that what we eat for growth and development of our cells, organs and systems, this is food.


Nutrition is what we get from the food. In other words, when we talk about food and nutrition, we are referring about two term s that is intertwined. Nutrition is in the food such that you cannot talk about the food without explaining what you will get from it.


Beef is food but the protein that you get from it is the nutrition. The other important thing is that protein is not the only nutrition in the beef. It is important that nutrients to determine what you will get from the beef. Ideally, the word nutrient is derived from the word nutrition and brings out the essence of food.

To understand the words food and nutrition, you will need to know more than what is available in a particular food. You will need to know how much of each of the food and nutrition. For instance, you will measure the quantity of the food items that the body needs.

The quantity is needed for each of the individual food items so that you can also calculate the nutritional value of the food that you eat. If you take a half of an apple, you should be able to know how much you will derive from the half of the apple as opposed to eating the whole of it. Then other thing is how much each of the nutrients you will derive from it.

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