What is nutrition science?


Nutrition was long considered to be an art. However, it is more of a science than an art because you are looking at how food is broken in the body and the role it plays in various biological processes like metabolism. As such, when we look at the process of absorption, metabolism, uptake, growth, fighting of diseases among others, we are looking at the science behind it.

Nutrition as a science

We are looking at nutrition science in the following ways:


When we take a food, we first measure the quantity of the food. The measurements are in grams, kilograms, oz, and litres and so on. The purpose of taking these measurements is so that we can determine the energy output .If for instance you eat half a mango, you can determine how much it will give you in terms of calories. The nutrition calculator is used in measuring the quantity.


Every ounce of food is accountable in terms of what it adds in the body. If you take the same food as mentioned above, you will expect it to give you various nutrients. These nutrients can be quantified. This is the output that is based on the input. The input in this case is what you meat.

Biological processes

For any given food, nutrition science is at play. Once you eat the food, you are looking at the biological processes at play. For instance, the food will be broken in the mouth and digested. It will then be assimilated in the body. Some of the food goes into repair, others into protecting the body among other important processes. You will not be wrong to say this is nutrition science.

There is also the nutrition science which is the study of the interaction of the nutrition with the other biological processes and how they influence each other.



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