What is nutrition in elderly people?

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Nutrition should all be all-encompassing to accommodate all the age groups. The aged are some of the most neglected of the age groups. What is nutrition in regard to old people? To answer this question, we shall have to look at the various needs of the elderly in the society.

Not active

The senior members of the society are those that are 65 years and above. Such people are beyond the active time of life and as such have special needs in terms of what is nutrition. The food should be balanced in terms of nutrition even if not necessarily high in calories.

Vitamins and minerals

When you age, you body’s ability to combat diseases is greatly diminished. In what is nutrition, the food for the elderly should contain enough vitamins and minerals so that they can vend off diseases and remain healthy. The food should also be laden with other nutrients that help in the repair of tissues. As such, they should have protein in moderate amounts.


It is common to find old men and women suffering from constipation. As such, much of the nutrition should have fibre to ease in the bowel movements.

Skin, bones and eyesight

In regard to what is nutrition, the focus should be on helping retain the elasticity of the skin, make the bones strong and retain the eyesight.

Brain health

Lack of certain nutrients in the body will lead to degenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia. As such, there is need in ensuring that the food for the elderly contains most of the necessary nutrients that will retain mental health. Memory failure is also associated with lack of certain ingredients in food, leading to increased memory lapses.

In conclusion, it is important to ensure that the elderly are incorporated in the nutrition planing.

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