What is in a nutrition chart?


One commonly asked question is what a nutrition chart is. This is a representation of the various nutrients in a given food with the quantities in figures given together with additional information on the percentages and recommended daily allowance of each of the nutrients. For example, if you buy a yogurt, you will find what looks like a chart on it. This chart-like thing is what provides you all the information about the yogurt so that you can determine if it is healthy. To understand this better, let us use more examples on the yogurt.

Fat free or zero fat?

Some of these questions will help to zero in on the type of yogurt. If the particular yogurt you are having is fat-fruit simply means that the cream from the milk that was used to prepare it was removed. So the yogurt doesn’t contain any fat. This makes it a healthy option for those who want to avoid the inconveniences of fat. The other zero fat is simply used to mean that the yogurt doesn’t contain any fat. You will realize that some of these terms are best expressed on the nutrition chart with their numerical values.

Individual nutrients

There are various nutrients found on the nutrition chart. Examples include the aforementioned ones. They are then given in terms of calories or nutritional content in terms of grams. For instance, you will find that carbs are given as 34g which mean =s that given the serving size of a particular food, it has 34g .then you will find that there is the percentage value of the carbs out of the total carbs. Then there is the total value of the carbs out of the total food sample, such is the kind of information found in the nutrition chart.


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