Top healthy eating habits


When it comes to eating food, it is important that you learn the healthy eating habits. Wrong eating habits are responsible for frequent problems like indigestion, poor nutrition and so on. The following then are that various eating habits that you should adopt in order to benefit most from the food.


How do you chew your food? Chewing with the mouth open is disgusting as it can turn off others. As such, you should close your mouth when chewing so that you do not throw bits of food from your mouth or show the chewed contents to others. This could make them lose appetite. Good table manners that you chew with mouth closed.

Don’t talk when eating

Chewing while talking could cause you to choke on the food when it goes the wrong way. As such, good table manners dictate that healthy eating habits should be followed. This means that you should not talk in between meals. It is also a good habit especially when you are with others in the dining room.

Chewing slowly

Some people adopt harmful eating habits such as swallowing huge chunks of food. This could mean that the food will not be digested properly since it was not chewed properly. Ideally, you should allow food stay in the mouth for a while so that you chew it till all the food parts are properly chewed before being swallowed. Another problem associated with swallowing fast is that you may end up swallowing lots of air. This could lead to discomfort like bloating due to excess gas in the stomach.

Eating from a plate

One of the healthy eating habits is eating from a plate as opposed from eating from the fridge or away from the dining room. This is because you may not keep track of how much you have eaten.

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