Mushrooms drug effects

Magic mushrooms

Some mushrooms like the psychedelic mushrooms and the magic mushrooms have some effects similar to the drugs that people for various conditions. Mushrooms drug has one or more of the following effects:


Just like the LSDs, the mushrooms drug has such similar effects. You will be like someone who has used LSD and hence experience out of this world visions. As such you will hear voices, see imaginary things in distorted state of mind.

Altered consciousness

The altered state of consciousness is one of the features of the mushrooms drug. In other words, you will not be in a normal state of consciousness after taking the mushrooms.


You will have a feeling of euphoria akin to someone who has abused hard drugs. Such is the side effect especially when you take the psychedelic or magic mushrooms.

The symptoms may vary with the types of mushrooms but the above are the most notable side effects of the mushrooms drug.

Should one take these mushrooms?

This is probably the question after reading the above but more importantly is whether it has any adverse side effects.

The point is that the noted chemicals in the mushrooms have some poisonous effects in the body. It is this poison which causes these adverse side effects. This means that this is not a good use of the mushroom.

One should eliminate the active ingredients in the mushrooms when they want to use for any other reason. Otherwise, the lingering effects of mushrooms drug will be very profound and will actually affect you health.

In this regard, mushrooms have chemicals which behave like other classified drugs. Hence and therefore, unless under a medical reason, at no time should use the active chemicals in the mushrooms as this could be injurious to health.


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