Indoor mushroom kits


If you want to grow mushrooms and especially the indoor way, you will find that the mushroom kits are the best way to go about it. There are various kits depending on a number of factors. Take the case of oyster mushrooms. There are a number of factors that will come into play.

Size of the indoor space

How big is your indoor? For those with large indoors, you will find that you can have several of such mushroom kits. The same will apply in regard to other types of mushrooms like the shiitake.


There are some materials that are need for the indoor mushroom kits. For instance, you need the concentrate that the mushrooms need to grow in. Water is also important to provide the ideal environment for growing the mushroom kits.


The mushrooms are not as labour intensive as you would think. The kits are designed in such a way that you will need minimum effort.


How much of the mushroom kits can you produce, say in 6 months. The turnaround will depend on factors like the environment, labour and the species of the mushrooms. However, you will find that if you have excellent kits, there is no good reason why you should not have a quick turnaround. For instance, is possible to have oyster mushrooms in a record 10 days.

The mycelium you use in the substrate should be of good quality. This will help the mushrooms to grow at a faster rate. You will find that mushrooms usually take a short period of time to mature and harvest. You will need to have knowledge on how to grow mushrooms indoors as opposed to growing outdoors. It is a little bit tricky growing them indoors though, because of the special attention you will accord them.

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