How to use a nutrition calculator

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There are ways in which you can calculate how much you are having in terms of nutrition. The commonest is the nutrition calculator. This is fundamentally a way of gauging how much content a particular food has in terms of carbs, proteins, vitamins and mineral salts. The calculator has some measurements that it takes into account before it comes into an accurate figure of what you should eat.


For any particular food, the nutrition calculator takes into account the age. If you are young, then your nutritional needs are different from those of an older person. In the calculator, you will be required to input your age.


Granted, men and women have different requirements on account of gender. Men generally require more calories than women. This is because of the physique difference. So you will need to input the gender, stating whether you are male or female.

The serving size

The particular food should be expressed in thermos of the serving size. Is it per glass, gallon, cup and so on? This will help to calculate how much you should have from the particular serving size. In most of the time, this will help to calculate quantity.

Doing the calculation

Having input all the above, you can now proceed to use the nutrition calculator. You will find that the calculator will give you an answer based on the nutrients that you should have.

What to expect

The nutrition calculator will give you an estimate in value of the nutrients that you should have based on the daily recommended value. It is highly advisable that you use it so that you do not exceed the limit set for any particular diet.

Losing weight

If you want to lose weight, then you will need to watch what you eat. This calculator is one way of an achieving weight loss.

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