How to make use of nutritional data


By definition, the nutritional data is what is contained in any given sample of food. The food will contain a lot of information on the constituent elements .Such information include but not limited to the following:

  • The type of food
  • The nutrients in the food
  • The quantity of the nutrients
  • The percentage of the daily value
  • The total value   of the constituent elements

The above information as given in the nutritional data may not be easily understood, tough it need not be. For instance, it is obvious that if you are taking yogurt, the ingredients will be milk and culture bacteria, sugar and such. These are given as additives. By reading these, you will know which of the ingredients that you allergic from or which will cause you to gain weight.

Yogurt is made up of various nutrients like carbs, calories, proteins, vitamins and mineral salts. Once again, this information will be laid bare in black and white for you to read and understand so that you know what you taking.

For any of the food that you take, it must be quantified. This is the main reason why you will find units like grams on the some of the nutrients. The meaning of this is that the grams are the quantity of that particular nutrient relative to the whole food.

The daily value as given indicates what you will get from it as per the nutritional data against the whole food content. You will find that the daily value is given in the form of percentages so that you can know how much you are getting in a given nutrient as part of the whole. Such information is important when you are planning your meals as you will incorporate what you are not getting.

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