How to grow mushrooms like a pro


Whether you are growing mushrooms outdoors or indoors, there are some basic requirements that one has to meet. In a partiuclar, the skits that one has to prepare indoors are very important. If you are intending to go commercial or are simply doing it in your home garden, the following are some of simple things that you need to do.

The first step in doing this is to choose the right substrate and spawn. This will basically be guided by the type of mushroom that you would like to grow. Whether you want the oyster, shiitake or the white mushroom, you will have to choose the correct substrate and spawn for it.

Growing environment

On how to grow mushrooms, the next thing that you need to do is to choose the most ideal environment. For one, you, the mushrooms do not grow in any environment bit one that is conducive for allowing the mushrooms to grow. For instance, a dark, humid environment is most ideal for growing mushrooms.

Inoculation of the substrates

As for how to grow mushrooms, the substrate has to be inoculated before proceeding to observe how the mycelium is responding to the growth. For those not well versed with inoculation, this is done by injecting it with spawn.


For the spawn to start growing, it has to be kept warm for around 14 days. The temperature has to be kept on check for this period.

The only time the temperature should be allowed to go down is when the mycelium starts to appear.


The next step on how to grow mushrooms is to cover the mycelium with soils. Sometimes moss is also a good option for covering it. O remembers to keep this top soil in moist condition always.

The last step is of course the harvesting.



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