How a nutrition pyramid looks like


Just like Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, the nutrition pyramid is designed in such a way that at some point, there are many nutritional requirements but as you get more of it, then less is more. This means that you will have something shapes like a pyramid depending on what your body needs.

What are the contents of the pyramid?

This is more like the food pyramid where you will find various classes of foods at each feeding level and who eats them. When you are at the bottom of the food pyramid, it means that all the various nutrients are represented but the pyramid starts to thin out as it moves up. This thinning out of the nutrition pyramid is brought about by the fact that some of the foods are not moved up the next level. If you have had enough of a particular food nutrient, then you move up; if not, you remain there until you have had a sufficient of the same.

Why some people do not move up the nutrition pyramid

There are many reasons why some people do not outgrow their levels in the nutrition pyramid. One of them is the fact that you eat more of one nutrient and less of the others. What this essentially means is that the body is not well nourished.

The other reason is that your body is not able to utilize the available nutrients efficiently. As such, you are deficient in terms of some nutrients.

The third reason is that there is an oversupply or undersupply of specific nutrients .thus impliedly means that you will get the rest of the nutrients as you move up the pyramid. You will find the ideal level can only be obtained where there is balanced nutrition.

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