Healthy nutrition for kids

Kids eating a healthy meal in the kitchen

Kids belong to a special category when it comes to nutrition. What this implies is that you will need to reserve a special diet as far as nutrition for kids is concerned. Their digestive system is not as well developed as ours. This means that we should not expect kids to digest food much the same way we do. The following are the simple guidelines we should follow in considering for nutrition for kids.

Appealing and appetizing

Kids are more likely to eat mote food if it appears appealing and appetizing. Ensure that the food has additions that will make the kids want to eat more. The food should however not sacrifice nutrition on the altar of appearance.


As noted kids have developing digestive system. As such when, coming up with nutrition for kids, you should ensure that the food doesn’t become difficult to digest. Kids may actually suffer from constipation or indigestion if given certain foods.


One thing you need to ensure that you incorporate in the nutrition for kids is fibre. Both the soluble and insoluble fibre is important because they help deal with the above problem of indigestion.


Kids love snacks, so ensure that you provide them with healthy snacks. For instance, a snack should include a fruit and vegetable snack. Having a sweet tooth for kids is normal, but ensures that this does not become a habit. Except on some occasions, kids should not be given sugary foods or junk as this will not only damage their teeth, they are unhealthy.

Balanced diet

Whatever it is that you give the kids in terms of nutrition for kids, ensure that is healthy. It should include all the nutrients in terms of proteins, carbs, vitamins and mineral salts. This will ensure they are healthy.


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