Fruit nutrition facts you should know


Fruits are some of the most nutritious foods that you will ever come across. They are laden with lots of vitamins, minerals among other vital nutrients. Yet there is still so much that people don’t know about the fruit nutrition facts. This article will shed light on some of the fruit nutrition facts that you though you knew but you actually didn’t.

Fruits can give you energy

We tend to think that fruits are only rich in vitamins and minerals. The truth of the matter is that fruits are a good source of energy. Eating some fruits will give you a lot of energy just as you would get from taking an energy drink.

Some fruits can give you weight

Sugar found in some fruits is thought to cause conditions like unprecedented weight gain. Though this is said to be natural sugar, one needs to be careful with certain fruits as excessive intake can actually make you gain weight. A good example is the banana which is said to cause weight gain if eaten in excessive amount.

Peels from fruits are just nutritious as the fruit

When eating the fruit, you will find that is customary to peel the fruits.However,the peels are just as laden with nutrients as the fruit so should be eaten without peeling. For instance, some people eat the orange and mango fruits without peeling them so that to optimize the vitamin C on the fruit.

Some fruits are better than their juices

You will find that although some fruits can be eaten through juicing, experts in the fruit nutrition facts will tell you that it is healthier not to juice but to eat the whole fruit since when you juice, you deny your body somevitl nutrients like fibre, hence preference in eating.



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