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Nutritional information is generally what we call nutrition data. In other words, this is all that you will find in a sample of a food. Every kind of food that we eat has some nutritional information. The question then begs: what is this information all about?

Calories in the food

This is one of the topmost nutrients that you will find listed in the food label of any given food. You will find it listed as 100 calories, 50 calories and so on. This depends on the kind of food we are referring to. For instance, a food sample with a high amount of carbs will obviously post a high amount of calories. The converse is true whereby vegetables and some fruits are known to have lower calories.


On matters of nutritional information, size is very important. The nutrients that you get from any food depend   on the serving size. Is it oz, whole, half or quarter or a gallon? All these measurements vary depending on how much you need whether you are taking breakfast, lunch or supper.


The serving size is what is used per individual food type at the time of preparation. If the serving size is high, it would mean that your portion will be high. This will in turn affect how much of the individual nutrients that you will get in the food.

How much should you eat?

Nutritional information will dictate how much you should eat. Unfortunately, many people ignore the nutritional information to their detriment health-wise. This is because you will end up either having too much of a particular nutrient or too little of the same or a different one. This brings about the whole idea of the recommended daily intake. Thus should guide you on how much your body needs so that you have right proportion.

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