Child nutrition factors


Just like adults, children have their own needs and requirements as far as nutrition is concerned. For child nutrition, the following are the various factors or considerations that you have to make.


The food should be healthy. Children require a healthy meal because they are growing. As such the child nutrition should entail having all the nutrients in one plate. Children tend to be picky when it comes to food. This should not be construed to mean that they should be given free hand to explore food. They instead should eat under adult supervision. This will help you to know what they are lacking.


An important child nutrition consideration is age. Age in different age brackets have different needs. For instance, a child of 2 will have different nutritional needs from a child of 5 years. What is important is to find out what is best for a child based on the age and ensuring that it is availed to the child.

Eating time

Unlike adults, chidren have small digestive systems. This means that in terms of child nutrition, you should avail edibles like fruits and healthy snacks that the child can have between one meal and the next. This keeps the child’s appetite on a high and will ensure that they are healthy. Junk and sugary foods are not recommended for children because they may end up being the choice food for the children. When a child develops a sweet tooth, it ideally means that nutrition is scarified on the altar of sweetness.


The food you choose for the youngsters should be digestible. Children do not have a tough system like that of adults. Nutritionally speaking, they may not be able to get the nutrients from food if it is too hard. However, giving them something like a carrot is okay.

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