Balanced diet


What is a balanced diet? This is one question that we need to ask ourselves when it comes to what we eat. Many people eat food without necessarily checking whether what they are having is balanced or not. In actual sense, there are characteristics of balanced diet that you should look for

Should be balanced

By being balanced, it means that the diet has all the essential nutrients that the body needs, we are talking about the carbs, proteins, minerals, vitamins and so on. If you lack any of the aforementioned, then it means that you are deficient.

Should be healthy

By being healthy, we mean that the food that you are having should be nourishing and enriching. Any diet that is not healthy is not befitting and should therefore not be considered healthy.

Well prepared

Admittedly, some of the foods we eat lose all the nutrients during preparation. The nutrients for instance do not stand high heat, implying that when you cook them in high heat, you lose all the nutrients. As a result, it is advisable that you follow the right cooking instructions so that you benefits wholesomely from the nutrients contained in the food.

Should be the right quantity

The other aspect of diet is that it should be of the right proportion and quantity. For instance, you cannot have too much of proteins and too little of carbs and claim that you are having a balanced meal. They should be of the right proportions all through.

To get the right proportions, it is advisable to use the calorimeter and the recommended daily allowance to work out just how much you need of each of the various types of food.

In summary, this concept is not as complicated as one would be made to believe; it all depends on how you take it.

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